Xbox 360 three red lights of death?

my 360 just died b/c of this and i contacted xbox and they are sending me a box to return it in and sending me a new referbished 360. I was wondering if anyone has ever done this and how long it took for you to receive your new 360 thanks
I know this has happend to other ppl thats why im asking. I know there are other ways to get your 360 fixed i wanted to know who else has sent their 360 back to xbox and how long did it take before you got your new one.

question about xbox 360 and my new tv i just bought.?

I just bought this philips 37″ tv.

[url is not allowed].

It is 720p, 2 HDMI input (although salesperson said it only has 1?)

I am thinking about getting an xbox 360. I dont know what one to get. Do i get the new premium with the HDMI input, or the elite package? I plan on hooking my xbox 360 up to surround sound.

I have been console banned on Xbox LIVE for no reason!?

So I came on today at 6 o’ clock, just to watch some Sky Player. I got an error upon signing in saying I was console banned. I thought thus was a mistake so I signed out and back in, but got the same error again. So I turned off my console and turned it back on, same error. I stated believing it then. So I started doing some research and turns out, these bans are irreversible! I DID NOTHING! The only thing I have ever done was get hacked tenth prestige on Modern Warfare 2 a couple months ago, because I got deranked and didn’t want to be level one. That can’t be it, because the entire population of Modern Warfare 2 should be banned! I haven’t modded my console to play pirated games, I haven’t recovered ANY accounts on the console, and I haven’t tampered with the system in any way! I got my brand new console for Christmas 2009 from my parents. I love it and it’s all I got to when I’m stuck inside. I have been banned once for swearing in my bio, but that was like 2 months ago. Now I have nothing to do at all, and my dad only bought me Xbox LIVE 3 weeks ago. He’s gonna be really angry when he get’s home from work. Will calling Xbox support make any difference? I’m only 13. So I can’t afford a new console, and neither can my family to be honest. Please, please this is just a misunderstanding. 🙁

which is better for cooling(fixing the two red rings) Nyko Intercooler Ts for xbox 360 or Intec cooling sta?

will my xbox360 keeps getting two red rings from overheating. So i bought the Nyko Intercooler Ts and so far my xbox keeps getting the two red rings. so which is better