(Xbox) GTA San Andreas: What’s up, Las Venturas?

Well, I went to Las Venturas before it was unlocked, and everyone was rioting [And I DIDN’T use the Pedestrians Riot cheat code, no smoking buildings or people shoplifting. Just people blowing everything up with their Rocket Launchers and killing each other (AND ME!)] and now that the game has led me to do missions there, its getting in the way.ALOT. Anyone know about this!?!

What happens if you just stick in an xbox 360 game into a mac or PC?!?

i know i’ve askes this sort of question before,

but this is different as to what i asked before.

anyways like asked, what happens exactly?1

Surely it’d just reject it or it’d freeze the computer

So if any of you know don’t be afraid to ask! 😉