My Kinect doesn’t have that much memory space.?

I dont know if its supposed to be like this but I was going to download a map pack on Call Of Duty Black Ops and then It said I had 800 mb. and I needed 700mb to download and I thought if I did that I almost wouldn’t have any space. So I looked at my memory to delete things and I have like 2 gb total I have 1.2 gigas in Black Ops then like twenty mega bites here and there to make up about 200 then I have 800 which makes 2 gb and I think my brother has a pro and still has more than 3 gb left and hes had that xbox for about 5 years playing games, and he hasnt used any memory card. I dont know if thats normal though so please help me if you can.

Question about RCA cables for xbox 360?

Is it bad to remove the 4 metal tab parts of each audio wire? I bent and took it right off so it could fit into a female splitter because I don’t have a female RCA plug in. I’m using an xbox 360 AVG HD AV cable to play on a monitor. My old xbox got the red rings, and I don’t know if it’s because I tampered with the cable. Can tampering with any wiring cause red rings?

Xbox 360 Headset with good mic?

I’ve only tried one really, the wireless headset from Microsoft (old version, not that new black one that looks like a Bluetooth for phones) and it just freaking sucks. No one could hear me and I had to take it off my ear and hold it in front of me to have a conversation. Suggestions on ones that “just work”? Not looking for the best but one that just will let me talk and hear at the same time.

I hear good things about the stock ones that comes with it but haven’t tried it. Bought my Xbox off a friend. Links if you can. Thanks!