is it possible for people to disable my internet over xbox live?

there were a bunch of british people trash talking me in gta 4 for no reason, so i left. i come back cause i got an invitation from an unknown person, turns out it was the same trash talker from before. i get kicked from the session than my internet goes out. now it might be a coincidence cause i heard that towns near me had a temporary outage, but my town was not listed. i have my internet back now and made “jack4pope” an avoided player. i suspected that it was them cause they acted like they were up to no good in the first place spamming the “wants to kick” message and the trash talking, the type of people you would suspect that would be involved with illegal activity, plus they act as a gang, a bunch of people voting for one person to be kicked.

Walmart on Black Friday?

I’ve been Black Friday shopping early, but never RIGHT as the sales start. Since Walmart is starting some Black Friday sales at 10PM, I’m sure the store will be swarming. But the deal I’m interested in doesn’t start until 12AM and it’s in electronics.

I want the Kinect XBox bundle and I don’t know what to expect. Since it’s one of the best deals I know I need to be practically first in line for it. I was planning on showing up at 7 or 8PM. Do you think that’s early enough? If you don’t think it’s early enough, what time do you think I should get to Electronics to camp out? Does Electronics make a line and then help one person at a time? Or is it a free for all where you need to stalk an employee and try to pounce on them to get help?

Xbox Live with a Modded Xbox 360?

So yeah, after 9 months of playing my modded 360 with some burnt games, I decided to give Xbox live a shot. But the problem is, it’s asking me to update my console. Should I update it or what? I want to download some rosters online. The thing is, I might get banned right after I update it. Thoughts please.

And btw, if I get banned, can I still play my Xbox 360 offline? Or the console itself gets the hammer? I don’t really plan to play games on Live. Thanks and have a nice day.