Good Xbox 360 Games With Fun/Good Xbox Live?

Okie so I’ve been looking for a new Xbox game for awhile now, but I can’t seem to find one I want =o. I only have 3 so far: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo Reach, and Assasins Creed: Brotherhood. I’m trying to find one that’s less like Halo or COD though. I’ve been trying to find something like Final Fantasy or Fable.or I dunno something xD Any game that you feel is fun and has a really fun/good Xbox live would be awesome =D I’m ultimately just searching to fun Xbox live games =D Thanks in advance!

I’m planning on buying an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB model. Will there be enough memory for me?

OK, so I consider myself a pretty “hardcore” gamer. I’m gonna be playing Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, CoD Black Ops, CoD MW2, Left 4 Dead 2. I think you get the picture. I was just wondering if I will have enough memory. Will I? I’m gonna be using a 16 gig USB flash drive along with the 4 gig hard drive. Will I have to get a 250 gig hard drive? I’m not planning on downloading movies, demos or music, or storing them on the system.

How do I delete my XBOX Live profile.?

When I got my xbox 360, I created a gamertag and proceded to play games, get acheivements, etc. When I decided to get XBOX Live, I created an account using my email address and somehow managed to create another Gamertag that corresponds with My XBOX Live profile. When I log on to the website, the gamertag that has nothing on it is there instead of the one with all my games played, acheivements, etc. How can I erase the unused gamertag and apply the gamertag I use to be shown when I log on to the XBOX website using my email address?

XBOX 360 Hard Drive Question?

I just received an XBOX 360 (20gig) from my father and I heard that I can buy the 60/120gig external hard drive.

The only thing that’s bugging me is that would it be compatible to use a new 60/120gig HD on a XBOX that originally has a 20gig HD?

I’ve never owned an XBOX till today. I only have a Wii till the 360 came.

Thanks a bunch to all of the help!

Need xbox 360 live help, QUICK?

A few months ago i bought an xbox 360, pretty good price at a cash converters pawn shop. When i hooked up the xbox I noticed that there was already an xbox live account on it. I figured since I paid for the xbox everything on it was included and therfore mine. I paid money to change the name of the account. Just a few minutes ago while I was playing, my live profile was signed in from another console and mine was signed out. I signed back in and added a controller password but I got signed out again, when i tried to go back in it asked for the email and password that was given by the previous user, and I couldnt get in. The problem is that my mothers credit card information was saved onto that, and I dont want this person to hack her and buy stuff on the xbox, but I cant get back onto the account and change the credit card information. Please help I need help NOW~

How do I fix the two red rings of doom problem for Xbox 360?

Whenever I play a game, after about 10-15 minutes the screen shuts off and two red rings appear on the console. The fans are still going, the green power adaptor light is on, and for a minute or two the power remains on but there is nothing on the screen and I am unable to play. Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem?