PS3 or xbox 360.?

I have an xbox 360 already but it is still a launch system that is lacking many of the new features of the new ones such as the bigger hard drive, no hdmi port so I don’t get the full experience on my hd TV, and it has none of the new internals to make it more reliable so new models the rrod is unlikely, mine it is when will it happen.

I have also been thinking of getting a PS3, it isn’t that I hate xbox but there is lots of exclusives I like for the PS3. I am not a one sided fanboy I just like gaming so I hope to have a PS3 someday I am just not sure if I should upgrade my xbox or get a PS3 first.

So my question is what do you suggest?

Input Output error when im installing yellow dog linux 6.1 on my ps3.?

I get this input output error when i try to install yellow dog on my 80gb ps3. Ive tried to re-burn it three times that didn’t work. I went and re-downloaded it twice. im using a hd tv with hdmi hook ups. But i am stuck at this time if some one could help it would be greatly appreciated.

How much money could I get for a playstation 2(slim) with two controllers, one memory card and 15 games?

I really want a ps3, so I want to sell my ps2. If you want to buy it, leave your email address, or email me at [email is not allowed] OR [email is not allowed]

Can I play bonus content from a North American PS3 game if the console is bought in South-East Asia?

I wanna a special edition game online but my console is bought locally from Singapore. Will i still be able to play the downloadable/bonus content? I had a problem with my Uncharted 2 bonus content- game bought from Amazon.

PS3 internet not working?

Okay, my PS3 was working fine on the internet yesterday but when I relocated my system the internet wouldn’t work. First I tried to use Netflix and I had been signed out and the PS3 wouldn’t connect to the network. I tested my connection and everything came back fine, I was supposedly connected, but PSNetwork and Netflix wouldn’t connect. I reset my settings and connected to the internet all over again, I did this twice, applications still wouldn’t work. Now I’m trying to redo the Network Settings again and now it says the IP address timed out because the WEP may not be correct (which it is). My internet is working just fine on my computer so I don’t think it’s a router issue but an issue with my PS3. Please help.

Which game is the best Infamous/enslaved/Castlevania?

i want to get 1 which 1?

Which has the best story line, most of fun and why?

which one has most ACTION, this is important

most impotantly these are action games, so when you fight do you fight yourself or do click a type of action to do on an enemy?

and how long does it take too finish them?