I don’t have internet available in my home to be able to download Fallout: New Vegas for the PS3. How can I d?

No home internet connetions available. Wifi from various hotspots is the only means to connect through my cpu. Looking for a way to download it to my pc and upload to the ps3 via memory card (USB).

elder scrolls oblivion ps3 anvil mission help?

I think i’m experiencing a glitch in the mission where you rid the curse on benirus manor. I made it to the basement and Velwyn is trying to open the gate. The problem is that he’s taking forever and it wont open. When I press select and wait for a couple of hours, he’s vanished but when I use nighteye, he’s actually inside the wall where the insignia is. I’ve waited many days and was wondering if anyone can PLEASE help me? Thanks a lot.

How do i put cfw on my psp that has factory firmware 1.50 (its a 1000 jpn white model)?

I have a white model 1000 psp, and it is running firmware 1.50 (its a brand new phatty =] ) can anyone tell me how to put cfw on my psp, i’ve seen guides on how to go from 3.xx – to the latest cfw 5.xx, but i dont even know how to start. If anyone is willing to send me a link to a great guide or even tell me on here, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

So like i said before, my psp is still in its factory firmware 1.50 form, i dont know where to start. I want to be able to play emulators =]