Xbox 360 overheating?

I have had an Xbox 360 for about four years now and about a few weeks ago I got the E74 error message. I guess it was caused by overheating. I sent it in to Microsoft and I just got a new one back today. I tried it out and it seems to work fine. My question is, what are some things I could do to help prevent it from overheating again? I don’t want to have the same problem. Thanks!

Setting Up Xbox Live.HELP!?

I have been trying to set this up all morning.I have my 360 plugged into an ethernet cable and the ethernet cable is attached to a NET GEAR hub. The hub then runs two other cords, one to a cpu and the other is the internet being received.

When I test the ip occasionally works, sometimes it does sometimes it doesnt, but then the next step always fails.which is the DNS.

How can I fix that and will I run into problems after that?

Is my setup wrong?


If a order a PS4 or Xbox One from USA will it work in Australia?

Well, I live in Melbourne Australia. My original Xbox is breaking after many, many years of use. The price of either these consoles are far more cheaper from America than it is in Australia.

1) Will an American Xbox One/PS3 work in Australia?

2) Which one should I choose?

xbox problem?

when I turn on my xbox 360, i see something that is heard alot in xbox 360 history, the red ring of death. for those who dont know of the name but know of what it may be, it is a red ring the circle the circle you push on your xbox 360 console to turn it on. so that now you know what im talking about could someone please tell me what to do!