Ps3 or Xbox 360?! help please?

Hey, so black fridays coming up and i have more than two choices. 199.99 for Xbox 4gb with kinect and a game bundle OR Ps3 250gb with 2 games bundle also fpr 199.99 OR just the xbox 4gb system for 139.99. That Price is tempting. But i really cant decide. Im kinda leaning towards the Xbox but i dont wanna pau for gold membership but i also wanna watch netflix and use the wifi. And i like the xbox controllers more. But the Ps3 lets you use the wifi/ apps free. But the xbox with he kinect bundle is tempting but idk if i would even use the kinect. Also the xbox 4gb vs ps3 250 gb! Help please. Also what is the memory even used for on a game console.?