is this a good price for xbox 360 and Guitar hero pack?

I am shopping around and the best i’ve found so far is this:

Xbox 360 + HDMI cable + Guitar Hero III + Guitar = $429

Guitar Hero World Tour (game, guitar, drums, mic) = $248

These are australian dollars in sydney stores.

Should I make the purchaseor wait a little longer?
just saw the prices on ebay (US) they don’t ship international. that sucks!!

xbox live gamertags: need help!?

I want to change my gamertag because mine is getting really old.So here are the ones I am thinking of:



IMAjoke (because I suck at almost every game)


N_A_M_T_A_B (batman backwards)

Pillowpants (dont judge me lol)

Anyways, tell me which one/s you like or dislike. And please be honest. I don’t want to look like an idiot.

Will microsoft fix my xbox 360?

It won’t read disk and i think there’s something wrong because it doesn’t make that sound when you try to start up a game or read a disk.

Is there certain damages to an xbox that microsoft will refuse to fix? Will they not fix it if I say it’s the ring of death and they get it and there’s something else wrong with it?