Xbox 360 Best Buy Warranty?

Hi, I bought an Xbox 360 Elite warranty back in 09 (December 21). It cost me like 80 dollars and they put the ticket with a booklet that said that if it went unused for 2 years then I could get twice the cost of the warranty on Best Buy credit or something like that. The only thing is that the booklet they stapled the ticket on says that it’s for computers, so do you think they’ll give me the money or leave me on the street?

I have beaten the Skate 3 on my sisters xbox 360. i bought myself an xbox 360 slim? idk its the newer addition?

I need to no how to transfer my data From her xbox 360 to mine using a usb flashdrive. Wen i hit move it says it cant be transfered through different profiles or somethin like that but i need help asap i had to restart my hole game and i want my skateparks i made!

my xbox360 keeps freezing during “update in progress”?

whenever I try to update my Xbox after the recent update i always get to the step where it says “update in progress” at the top, and it says “downloading update form xbox live”

it goes through 3 attempts to get the update but then it says i cant download it and to test my xbox live connection. below that it says

status code: 351F – 3524 – A080 – 0F00 – 8007 – 274C

when i test my connection its all fine untill it starts to connect to xbox live, when its like 1/4th the way connected it pops up telling me i need to apply the update, so i try it and the same thing happens