Should I buy the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the PS3?

I known the new Elder Scrolls game is fantastic and i dont need reasons why to buy it but wheter should i buy it on the PS3 or not.

I did want to buy this game ever since it came out but i didnt have a PC that could play it back then, so i would get it on the PS3 but i heard all those lag issues and i decided to ignore Skyrim for a while

Now i would like to get it, but are the PS3 lag issues fixed or will i experience the same lag when my save file increases in size?

Also i will soon have a PC that will be able to play it, but i would prefer to get it on the PS3 so what are your suggestions?

Should I buy a PS3 or PS4?

I had a PS3, and sold it about a year ago, I miss playing games. The PS3 is a good system, free online play and tons of great games.

The 4 Is new and will be around for years to come. Ps now sucks. Online play costs money. Amazing graphics and great looking games coming out. Is 500 gb even enough?

I’m thinking I should get a PS3 and wait till the 1 TB ps4 comes out, I’ve also heard the PS4 fan is really loud? Any problems on your front with that? Thanks!