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Xbox Kinnect BEFORE Xbox Live? 10 Pts best answer!?


Okay, so i’m having troubles connecting to Xbox Live. (I would be ever so grateful if you took some time to read and answer that too, just click this link >> [url is not allowed];_ylt=AggYwRnxaTbtSE8XdgM9IRzfOhh.;_ylv=3?qid=20110211095235AA0Z3Wj

Anyway, yeah i’m having trouble connecting to Xbox Live, but i’m wondering if this is because of my Xbox Kinnect. I know you can connect to Xbox Live with Xbox Kinnect, but most people had Xbox Live before they had Xbox Kinnect, right? Well, not me.

Or, if you CAN connect to Xbox Live, either if you’ve had Xbox Kinnect first or not, then maybe I don’t have enough memory all together.

So I have deleted a lot of games, and I’ve cleared my system cache. Yeah, that wasn’t enough. So i’m just wondering is there any way to erase your Xbox Kinnect completely from the Xbox 360? I’ve tried just unplugging it from the USB port, but this doesn’t erase it.

So basically I would like to know is there anyway at all to erase Xbox Kinnect from your Xbox 360? Oh and please answer my other question if possible.


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  1. my cousin have a kinect for xbox and she is able to go on xbox live but i do not know why yours is like that

  2. first of all i doubt the kinect could do anything to your internet connection so theres either a problem with your xbox or your internet so try ressetting your modems and routers and see where it goes from there i hope i helped

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