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Xbox Fall Dashboard Update?


What does everyone think about the update, personally i think with time it can work and be very successful, i also like the idea of xbox originals.


  1. Meh is how I pretty much feel about it. Divx and xVid suppport mean nothing to me. The Xbox Originals is good for games you can no longer find on shelves like psychonauts (but come on $15 for Halo 1, I can get it new for $10 at best buy) everything else seems cosmetic and streamlined. I give it a C+/B-

  2. So far, I’m not a big fan of the update. When I first updated my Xbox Live (approximately 3:00 PM CT), I could not even get on Xbox Live until 8:00 CT. As well, my games froze a few times, which they have never done before. Also, when under the marketplace tab, I noticed that it seems to run slower than usual because they made everything into MORE categories, which may make it easier to find, but with more categories to search under, this will make it slower. The only thing I see positive (for me) is the Xbox Originals, but like the post above me, some of the games you can find cheaper in the store. Also, if a game is saved directly on your hard drive, there is a pretty good chance that Microsoft will screw up and will think that some people hacked the games onto their 360 even when they didn’t.

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