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why do I get no picture on my ps3 when I change HDMI TV?


I had my PS3 working through the HDMI lead on a large HDMI TV.

I then bought a smaller HDMI TV and plugged in my playstation to that (with same HDMI lead). worked fine.

I’ve now moved my PS3 back to my large TV as I have friends coming over. But when I turn on the machine I get ‘no signal’ – I do however have sound but no picture. I’ve tried holding in the power button till I get the second beep but this does not help.

What can I do to fix it?

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  1. Easy, your TV channel your using is not the HDMI channel, pres the TV/Video button on your remote until it pops up, basically your trying to view the Ps3 on whatever you used before (probably AV), you just need to switch it to the channel that displays HDMI

  2. to fix it go to the display settings on the ps3 (on the tv that it does work on) and then untick all the boxes for the type of hd tv you have. so it should be on 576i hd

    its most likely that you’re using a tv that doesnt support 1080i/1080p hd format.

    email me if you need more help. [email is not allowed]


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  3. hook your ps3 to the tv using the regular a/v cables it came with. Then press and hold the power button until the 2nd beep. Then set it back to hdmi

    If you need anymore help feel free to email me

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