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What ps3 games are good for teen girls?


I’m 16 I love mystery games or games like alan wake but alan wake is for xbox =[

Are their any good games for girl for the ps3?

I’m interested in Heavy rain
i like action and mystery games lol. ehh thats really nothing =P

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  1. Little Big Planet

    Heavy Rain


    Mirror’s Edge

    There no real games for girls just games, you have to find the type you like.

    If you want a really good game try ‘Red Dead Redemption’.

    Youtube some titles and put gameplay in the sentence and see what you think

    of them from the videos, thats how i find games.

  2. The sims 3 is best

    Very fun and I know how girls love to decreat and buy clothes well sims does it all

  3. I read your question and the first thing I thought of was Final Fantasy 13 for PS3. It’s an action game, great graphics on cut scenes and overall, mystery-type story, and it’s a “girlish” game as much as Heavy Rain but it has action and a GREAT story that attracts a lot of people. Look it up on a search engine and you’ll see some good and bad reviews but I’ll tell you I’m a fan of the entire series and they are all good.

    I put a link for a trusted video game review site. They rated it 8.9 which is really high, not many games get more than 8 or so and few get more than 9.

    PS. You don’t need to have played the previous games to know the story lol

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