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Ps3 or Xbox 360?! help please?


Hey, so black fridays coming up and i have more than two choices. 199.99 for Xbox 4gb with kinect and a game bundle OR Ps3 250gb with 2 games bundle also fpr 199.99 OR just the xbox 4gb system for 139.99. That Price is tempting. But i really cant decide. Im kinda leaning towards the Xbox but i dont wanna pau for gold membership but i also wanna watch netflix and use the wifi. And i like the xbox controllers more. But the Ps3 lets you use the wifi/ apps free. But the xbox with he kinect bundle is tempting but idk if i would even use the kinect. Also the xbox 4gb vs ps3 250 gb! Help please. Also what is the memory even used for on a game console.?

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  1. PS3 if you want free online but XBOX performs better. Of late PS3 users have been having a lot of problems with the newer games that have come out. I traded in my XBOX for a PS3 10 months ago just for free online but i’m already looking at trading my PS3 in for a XBOX again because the PS3 gives me nothing but grief as far as the new games go.

    Not everyone experiences the same issue with consoles so you may get a PS3 and have no problems with it but i’d suggest doing a bit of research and see which console suffers more in performance.

  2. I would definitely go with the PS3. I own both consoles and I rarely turn on the Xbox, only when family is over and they want to play Kinect games.

    To make it easier for you to decide, I’ll break it down into categories and say what console I think wins in each category.


    They’re both the same price upfront, but in order to play with other people and use online services (Netflix, etc.) on the Xbox, you have to buy a Gold membership, which is roughly $60 a year. With the PS3, on the other hand, all online services are free. Winner: PS3.


    Both systems are very reliable and well-built, but time has come to show that the PS3 has always been a generally more reliable system. Winner: PS3.

    Online Experience:

    The Xbox has the better Online Experience, hands down. Fun little avatars, a slew of cool apps, and a bunch of other tidbits make it truly more enjoyable. Well the PS3 does have a good Online Experience, it just can’t match Xbox Live. Winner: Xbox


    This is easy. 250gb>4gb. There just isn’t much you can do with 4gb. I have over 200gb of songs ALONE on my PS3 (I have a 1TB hard drive), plus all my game saves and videos and pictures, all total to about 800gb. Clearly, I wouldn’t be able to do ANYTHING with 4gb of storage. At least with the 250gb I could save all my songs and game-saves. With 4gb of storage, you’ll find yourself having to delete old files frequently to make room for new ones, which is an unnecessary hassle. Winner: PS3

    Based on these factors, I would definitely go with the PS3 if I were you. Believe me, my PS3 is literally the heart of my house. Everything I do, I do on my PS3. Browse the internet, listen to songs, play games, watch movies, EVERYTHING. It’s a really worthy investment.

  3. The memory is for saving game progress and downloading full games. I have both the 250 GB X box and 250 GB PlayStation 3. It has been my personal experience that the PS 3 is buggier. I have had to reformat it twice in 2 years. The PS3 will play Blu-Ray and the Xbox will only play DVDs. The Xbox performs much better in my opinion and would be my choice if I could only have one.

  4. 360 you pay for online n you get extras for the games a month before ps3 , n 360 servers hold a little better then ps3, both are good but I’d go for 360

  5. Oh xbox 360 all the way, sure you have to pay for live but its so much better than play station network, also you get a way bigger game selection with xbox, there are so many game that you can get for xbox that you cant get for ps3. Kinect is sweet, way better than play station move. Hope this helped

  6. The ps3 has free online gaming (costs £30-40 for gold on Xbox) and the PS3 deal is a lot better for you.Kinect isn’t very great atm (not many good games either) and you wouldn’t be able to store much on a 4gb Xbox, you’d have to pay a fair bit more for another Hard Drive.Xbox 360 and PS3 are otherwise very comparable.they have very similar graphics etc.the Xbox in my opinion has a nicer user interface (not important though it’s about the games)

    The memory is just used for saving games/music/videos etc. You can’t save anything without a hard drive.

    It’s up to you really, I personally have an Xbox and I love it (Sold my PS3).they are very similar to eachother but the PS3 deal is much better for you at that price.you could get the Xbox 4gb system for 139.99 and then buy a bigger hard drive and gold, not sure how much that would cost though.i’d say the PS3 deal is best for you

  7. Get the ps3, more bang for your buck considering you get 250Gb on the ps3. With 4 gb on the xbox you can’t store anything!

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