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Ps3 help with SIXAXIS?


I just got a ps3 for christmas and i was wondering about the SIXAXIS motion controller. I have the games motorstorm and nba live 08 and i no the motion sensor works with motorstorm but i cant seem to figure out how to set it up. can anyone help me with this. does this motion control also work with ea’s nba live 08

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  1. you dont need to set it up it should work automatically, if it doesnt then you should try turning off the ps3 and trying again.

  2. you dont need to set up anything.i just got a ps3 for christmas aswell and i have motor storm too, but i didint know there were functions with motion ise in that game. however, i also have heveanly sword in wich you must use the motion and i didint need to set anything up. the game explained how to use it and if motor storm uses it, it should explain aswell.

    as for the nba like 08 part, i cant answer since ive never played the game.

  3. both motorstorm and nba live 08 have motion sensing available. in the option menu you should be able to turn on the motion sensors for motorstorm – although it does make the game difficult to play at first, but practice will pay off!

    as for nba live 08, i think it was in the options of the controller in the game where you can enable this. the sensors are used when shooting a free throw, feels weird, but works well.

    good luck with it and happy gaming

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