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My Kinect doesn’t have that much memory space.?


I dont know if its supposed to be like this but I was going to download a map pack on Call Of Duty Black Ops and then It said I had 800 mb. and I needed 700mb to download and I thought if I did that I almost wouldn’t have any space. So I looked at my memory to delete things and I have like 2 gb total I have 1.2 gigas in Black Ops then like twenty mega bites here and there to make up about 200 then I have 800 which makes 2 gb and I think my brother has a pro and still has more than 3 gb left and hes had that xbox for about 5 years playing games, and he hasnt used any memory card. I dont know if thats normal though so please help me if you can.

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  1. You probably bought the 4gb console with the Kinect sensor. That was a pretty popular package but it only has the 4gb of storage. If you want more, you’ll have to buy the 250gb hard drive.

    It sounds like you downloaded some other BOps map packs so, yes, the amount of storage space you have left sounds about right.

    Your brother has more space because the older Pro console has a bigger hard drive.

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