Home Playstation Forum Is there famous 3 for ps3?

Is there famous 3 for ps3?


Do they sell an infamous 3 for ps 3

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  1. No, there is currently no infamous 3. However, if there will be I would say you could expect to see them make the annoucement for it between this fall and january of 2013. I say this because I think that if there will be an infamous 3 it will come out in june of 2013. I say that because infamous 1 came out in june of 2009 and infamous 2 came out in june of 2011 so there for it would make sense that infamous 3 would come out two years later just like infamous 2 did. Happy gaming 🙂

  2. There may have been some talk about it at E3 this year, but there is no official release date, so the answer is No.

    However, there is a great addon for Infamous 2 called Festival of Blood which can be downloaded from the PS3 Online store if you’re yearning for some fresh Infamous action.

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