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I’m thinking of buying an Xbox 360?


I was searching the internet and found a few deals that i thought were good:

Wal*mart’s Value bundle-$359:

*choice of 2 games (No great games but there are some good games)

*Choice of Xbox (arcade, Premium w/ HDMI port [+$70], or Elite [+170])

*Choice Of Extra Controller(Wired, Wireless[+$5], Blue[+10], or pink[+10])

Wal*mart’s Premium Live- $462

comes w/:

*Premium Xbox360 w/ HDMI Port

*1 GREAT game (Halo3, assassin’s creed, Call of duty 4, ex.)

*Choice of Live Card (3month gold, 3 month gold kit 07[+$10], 12 month gold[+25], or 12 month gold w/ camera bundle?[+52]

*Choice of controller (wireless, wireless black, Wireless pink or blue[+6]

*Additional excessory (too many to list all w/ differnt prices nothing is free w/ the bundle but there’s a choice for none of them)

Factory refurbished, I can get 1 w/ only controller and whateverelse comes with an xbox for – $258

I have 2 friends who are spliting a membership on everything360 so I can hopefully get some good free games

Not sure i

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  1. just get it from local stores. so you can have it check.but all of the systems are good.coz all of em have the falcon chip.

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