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I need help with my Xbox 360’s LIVE connection.?


I’ve had live for almost 2 months now and have had no trouble at all. The only thing wrong was that my connection would be a little weak due to our bad wireless router. So just a day ago we got a new wireless router; the Netgear RangeMax Wireless-N Router A.K.A. WNR834B (v2).

Now when I went to go and connect again i got an error message saying that an IP address could not be gathered or i could not use a static IP address. My current setup hasn’t changed only the router has. My current setup is an Xbox Wireless Adapter that goes to my new Netgear router, which is connected by cable to my computer and a modem. I’m not sure if it’s settings that need to be changed or if something else is the cause. The Xbox says my connection is great, but it just wont connect.

Here’s two different status messages I got back from the Xbox

W:0000-0021 W:0000-0021

X:4000-1001 X:8000-100D

Y:0000-0000 Y:0000-0000

Z:0000-0000 Z:0000-0000

ID:FFFF-FFFF ID:0001-0006

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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