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Can you backup PS3 and a PC on the same external Hard Drive?


I was looking at getting a 1TB external hard drive so i could backup my PS3, but I want to be able to backup my PC as well on the same drive. Would that be possible?

The HDD doesn’t need to be formatted differently for each machine? Thanks for any help

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  1. As long as you format as FAT32, you’re fine.

    It’ll work on both systems.

    Personally, I sectored my hard drive into two smaller hard drives. One fat32, and one NTFS. Now I can use it anywhere!

  2. It depends on if your PC will read FAT32 or not I guess.

    The PS3 uses FAT32 and your PC probably uses NTFS. You are REQUIRED to have that hard drive in FAT32 if you’re gonna use it on the PS3 because the PS3 won’t read it otherwise.

    This question should probably be asked in one of the Computer sections instead since you’re asking about making backups with two different file systems, although I can think of a few TCs here who will know if they happen to log on today.

  3. I’ve tried backing up my PS3 with a 250Gb external, but it wasn’t recognized by my PS3 since the file format was NTFS same as my PC, I tried re-formatting it but FAT32 was not an option, so unfortunately it isn’t possible, but if you can format it to FAT32 when it is attached to your PC then it will definitely work for both

  4. Now for the true answer. Format your external to FAT32. Your PS3 will see it and your computer will see it. NTFS can read FAT32 but FAT32 cannot read NTFS.

    You know you can do this otherwise how would people copy things from the pc to the ps3 and back to the pc when upgrading their hdd.

    I do this all the time. I have 2 1 TB WD external HDD and I hook them up to everything in my house from laptops, xbox. desktops. ps3, ipods, cell phones, data phones. Everything and as long as it’s formatted in FAT32 you are good to go. Good luck to you.

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