Home Playstation Forum Can someone help me decide which PS3 package I should buy?

Can someone help me decide which PS3 package I should buy?


In today’s Walmart flyer I noticed there was a 40GB PS3 W/ a 100 dollar Walmart Giftcard so at that moment I was settled – I thought this package is for me because I’ll use the giftcard to buy MGS4 and a Dualshock 3 controller.

Plus 400 dollars is already expensive enough as it is but still.

A 80GB PS3 is also coming out w/MGS4 and a Dualshock 3 problem great deal or not is that its so much money. Why should I pay for PS2 compatibility? My PS2 is only 3.5 years old and working just fine. Is 80 GB of memory way more memory then I’ll ever need? I don’t care about downloading videos and music- I have my PC to do that for me.

Is 40 GB enough memory? Will this last me for the next 5 years or will I eventually run out of memory? Keep in mind I only plan on using the memory for Game downloads of the PS store and games I purchase.

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  1. The good thing is that the 80 GB version will also have the $100 Gift card attached to it starting the week of fathers day. If I only I knew this, I would have waited. I heard about the walmart deal about a week ago beacuse it was posted on collegehead.net which has a link to a 40gb ps3 + $100 gift card (which you can use to buy MGS 4) for $399. They also teach you how to get it for much cheaper when you sign up for rewards cards. I ended up getting an additional $150 off + the Walmart $100 gift card.

    I used a couple of the cards he mentions to get the 40gb model, I kinda wish I waited a little bit so that I can use it on the 80gb model. That would have made the 80 gb model about $200 net after the rewards.

    Conclusion: get the rewards cards mentioned now, and wait for the 80gb walmart release. Patience pays off

  2. if you don’t need the backward compatibility, then go for the 40. but it would go for the 80, then trade your PS2 in for some credit at game stop, then get some PS3 games or accessories. 100 gift card from walmart would cover the game, you wouldn’t have enough for the controller, cause the game is 60 and tax, and the controller is 50 something and tax. So I’d trade the PS2 for some more credit or something, since you’ll be covered with the PS3.if you go for the 80 gig.

  3. Ok. well i totally recommend to you to get the 80gb ps3 just look on what you are saving since you are wanting everything that is in that bundle for 500 bucks you get.

    metal gear solid ($60)

    Dualshock 3 controller (20 bucks more than sixaxis)

    -~thats 80bucks there

    an ethernet cable lol. (5 bucks =P)

    4 usb ports (so you can play rock band with all instruments a 40gb requires a usb hub which costs 10 bucks)

    flash card readers (so you can see your digitial camera photos (10 bucks)

    -you have reached 100 bucks

    and then you get double the hard drive

    and a chrome finish at the disk tray.

    i seriously think you should go for the 80gb. but if you only want to use it just for gaming. I guess you can get the 40gb. You can always upgrade the hard drive. I upgraded my 60gb ps3 to a 250 gb ps3 for just 100 bucks.

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  4. I’d get the 80 gb one. Your talking about $100 difference, because the MGS 80 gb will include the dual shock and metal gear for free which is like getting more than $100 back. also being able to unplugg your Ps2 is a great space saver.

    Lastly and most importantly 40 gb is ok, but if you gonna be downloading demos and stuff 40gb is somewhat small. In order to play Grand Theft you need to have over 4gb of free space, because it preloads the map onto the hard drive. The same with Grand turismo need over 4 gb of free space. Those 2 games alone require about 9gb of space. You can see how quickly the space will fill up. You can always buy a seperate hard drive and hook it up to it but, I think Its just so much more convenient to just get the 80gb and be done with it.

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