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Xbox 360 Headset with good mic?


I’ve only tried one really, the wireless headset from Microsoft (old version, not that new black one that looks like a Bluetooth for phones) and it just freaking sucks. No one could hear me and I had to take it off my ear and hold it in front of me to have a conversation. Suggestions on ones that “just work”? Not looking for the best but one that just will let me talk and hear at the same time.

I hear good things about the stock ones that comes with it but haven’t tried it. Bought my Xbox off a friend. Links if you can. Thanks!

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  1. The stock wired ones break far too easily. I bought a wireless heatset (the official one your saying you have) back in 2009, it’s still working fine to this day, just about an hour or two less battery life than when it was brand new. It’s either your not speaking loud enough which I doubt or the device is faulty. End of the day, I do recomment the official wireless mic.

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