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Xbox 360 controller help?


For some reason my controllers won’t connect to my box the first time trying. Or sometimes even the third time. When I power it on through the controller, the box turns on but doesn’t connect or turn on on the screen, and the controller light just spins in circles. It’s not my controller, because I’ve done this with 5 different ones. Any advice?

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  1. put new batteries in turn the controller on, and hold the Button on the xbox 360 that makes the light spin round on the xbox and press the button on the controller that makes it the controller light spin round then it should connect.

  2. From my understanding here its not the batteries.

    its your signal that you want to get to your xbox. look dude try the below and its 100% going to work:

    on the back of your controller you have a small tiny button (Sync Button).

    and on the front of the console there’s the same button on (Sync button).

    What you’re going is:

    1- Press and hold on the sync button on the controller for 3 seconds.

    2- Press on the sync button on the console.

    3- Both of the controller and the console will flash round in circle, find the signal and thats it. let me know how it goes.

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