Home Playstation Forum Will they ever make a SSX for PS3?

Will they ever make a SSX for PS3?


Ya know, the snowboarding game SSX.

They have it for PS2. But not for PS3.anybody know if they will make one for it sometime?
Yeah, I got Shaun White but I didn’t care for it.

But I loved SSX to death.

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  1. Good question, my resources tell me there isn’t one in the works, or at least we don’t know bout it.

    It would be mind-blowing to see on the PS3. I nominate the the guy below me to start a petition!

  2. i know right i liked the ssx3 on ps2 it was fun. I saw there was a shaun white snowboarding but i heard it wasnt that good. I wish they would make one it would sell decently.

  3. It’s highly possibly; EA could choose any time to make a sequel. Considering they made one for the Wii it’s not out of the question, I guess it all just depends on the sales figures for the PS2 versions.

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