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What is a good PS3 deal?


I am looking for a good ps3 offer however I can not see anything that is actually worth getting. The only thing is the ps3 black ops bundle for $299 however I’m not sure if that is the best deal I can get. Have you seen any good offers or when do you think a good offer will come up again?

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  1. The Ps3 Slim version is super cool.I already own the fat version.Planning to buy the new version as well.

    Being the owner of Xbox 360 and PS3 I can honestly tell you that PS3 has a much better value for money than Xbox anyday even with with the unreduced cost($399).


  2. Black Ops bundle isnt a bad deal really. Other wise if you dont mind buying used ebay/craigslist always has people selling systems, just have to find the right one, and if you DO buy used stay away from the phats unless its a “i need money must sell fast” kind of deal, fats are dying left and right these days due to the games coming out, the cpu runs way hotter then the slims.

  3. The PS3 slim was an easy choice for me. I doubt I would have bought it just for the high quality exclusive titles it offers ( Little Big Planet, God of War 3 and MGS4 just to name a few of the real big guns Drake’s Fortune was the one I really wanted and I beat it the first few days I had the system. Great game!) but the fact it is also a Blue Ray player, and one of the best reviewed on the market to boot made this a literal no brainier.

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