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Reasons to Convert VB to C#


Converting your company computers from VB to C# can seem a daunting task. If you chose to rewrite your code, it will cost you potentially thousands of dollars and thousands of hours for your programmers to convert VB to C#. So why convert to C#? There is a faster way than rewriting, as well as many benefits to using C# over other programming languages. Converting VB to C# can be done rather quickly with a code conversion engine. A code conversion engine can convert 50 lines per second, allowing a fast and easy conversion from VB.Net to C#. Besides the fast approach to the conversion, there are several reasons why converting to C# is the smart choice.

• Microsoft uses C# for their internal development.

• C# Code is faster than VB.Net Code. VB.Net is the slowest, C# is faster, and C++ is faster still.

• C# allows you to define sections of “unsafe” code, where you can use pointers and directly access memory. This is necessary for low level system access and performance and tuning. There is nothing comparable in VB.Net.

• Terseness and readability of code. C# follows the C, C++, Java syntax tradition, while VB is more verbose.

• IDE Responsiveness – It is difficult to work with a large VB.Net project in Visual Studio

• Improved Code Quality – C# catches many errors allowed in VB.Net, such as variable use before initialization and dead code. It also doesn’t allow undeclared variables, untyped variables, and untyped methods that are allowed in VB.Net.

• C# is an ECMA standards compliant language with a formal definition and a corresponding abundance of third party and open source tools. VB is at Microsoft’s mercy to do whatever they want with it – and they do.

• You can use Mono- An open source C# compiler for unix.

• You can use the Eclipse development environment with C#. Many consider the Eclipse development environment the best there is.

• You can use DotGNU – Another open source C# compiler which supports many operating systems: GNU/Linux (on PCs, Sparc, iPAQ, Sharp Zaurus, PlayStation 2, Xbox), BSD, Cygwin/Mingw32, Mac OS X, Solaris, and AIX.

C# was designed to be a simple and general-purpose programming language created because of the flaws found in the other major programming languages. C# applications are intended to be economical with regards to memory and processing power requirements. Therefore, it is smart to convert VB to C# [https://www.turnsharp.com] for an improved working system.

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