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PAL PS3 Game Wont Work on NTSC PS3?


I purchased a game (Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3) under the impression that PS3 games were not region locked. It says it can’t play on that tv output setting despite the TV being a 1080p HD flat screen. I tried adjusting 4:3 and 16:9 ratio in video output settings but nothing is working.

Why won’t it play?

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  1. You are having a video output issue, NOT region issue.

    PS3 console has nothing to do with video output, but your TV and cable.

    Of course all PS3 run all PS3 games the same on earth ( except Person 4 ).

    If you game disc does not support up to 1080p, setting such high resolution on TV does not help.

    Check the back cover of game disc, and use the same video output as it advise.

    i.e. 480p, 1080i. etc.

  2. The PS3 isn’t region locked for games but it’s up to individual game developers whether to or allow their games to be region locked! The only game I know of that is region locked is Persona 4: Arena!

    Not sure why your game won’t play!

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