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my ps3 will not let me connect any controller to it wirelessly can anyone help me trouble shoot?


i have tried using the playstation website, ive tried brand new controllers, yes ive charged them (im not that stupid) but for some lame reason my ps3 wont acknowledge a controller is there unless it is plugged in with the usb cord. as soon as i unplug it the controller blinks once then does nothing, then i press the PS button and nothing happens.

any one have any idea?

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  1. This sounds like faulty batteries, but maybe it had a bad setup. Make sure your PS3 is off and do a reset. Leave all controllers unplugged. Hold the power button for about 5 seconds. It will beep when it first turns on and the beep again, let go after the second beep.

    Once it’s on, Press the PS button on a controller and look to see if the red lights on the controller start flashing.

    If they do not flash, the battery is dead, or the controller is faulty.

    If they keep flashing for a minute and turn off, you have a problem with the bluetooth unit in the PS3.

    If they flash and then 1 red light stays on, consider your problem solved

  2. connecting the controller with USB cable just pairs the PS3 with it. When you pull out the cable, press PS button, then when it goes to the screen where it says quit game, press O to go back and go to settings>>>accessory settings>>> re-assign controller and then make it controller 1. thats it!

    do that each time your controller does not respond.

  3. Plug them in then press ps button until it acknowledges it then you should be able to connect it by wireless. If this does not work you should return it to the store where you bought it and ask them to refund it.To do this you will need your receipt. Or contact sony as you do have 1 years free warranty.

    Are you sure you are standing within the range of the ps3?

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