Home Playstation Forum Is it worth it to get a 250gb Playstation 3?

Is it worth it to get a 250gb Playstation 3?


I would put a lot of movies in there from my PC. But the thing is, what kind of movie files does ps3 play? If it plays rmvb, mp4, mpeg, etc, then 250gb would be worth it yes? for 50 bucks more you get 130 gb more

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  1. I got the 250gb

    Mostly because the 120gb were sold out at the time but yeah I think the extra 130gb are worth the extra $50

  2. yes , if you’re putting lots of movies or music on the hdd it’s worth getting the larger one. you can play most mpeg 2 , divx , avi and mp4 videos on a ps3 , some older versions of avi or divx aren’t compatible but you can always convert to a compatible format.

    consider each movie on average will be close to 1 gigabyte that can fill up the drive pretty fast.

    if you can afford the extra $50 get the 250 gig. I always say it’s better to have the extra memory and not need it then to need it and not have it

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