Home Playstation Forum i need help with the PS3 internet problem?

i need help with the PS3 internet problem?


when i try to sign into my psn it says the error has occurred during communication with server this is a DNS error (80710102)

then i check my network connection and it says that NAT TYPE has failed

it was working just then i signed out and tryed to sign in on my brothers psn and that came up

i have wireless connection help please

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  1. Your internet box that sends out signals may be turned off maybe because you are using a lot if bandwidth so your parents turned it on. there should be a plug that was pulled out. just plug it back and you should be fine

  2. Move your Playstation closer. or maybe re-register to your router? (PUT PS3 CLOSE THOUGH) Re type everything in. This is common. Playstation is thinking of resolving this.

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