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Do I have Yellow Light of Death?


I have a PS3 and I was playing today for about 2 & a half hours. I’ve left it on this long before but while I was playing my system automatically turned off.I don’t want to turn it back on since it will heat up the system even more.I have it in a place where nothing is blocking it.Now my system is off & the red like won’t stop blinking.Do I have Yellow Light of Death?

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  1. No you do not have YLOD the ps3 well turns itself off at times whenever it gets a glitch or when it gets too hot although i won’t count YLOD out of the equation though cause this happened to me like 2 months after something like this happened

  2. No, its just gotten to hot, wait a bit and turn it on just to make sure though as you will not know until you turn it back on as that is when the light will go from green-blue-yellow-if you do have have yellow light of death it wont make any difference with how long you wait as it is either a power,HDD failure or heat-sink failure.

    as i said its probably a little hot- gd luck =)

  3. you don’t have the Yellow Light so don’t worry if you did, you would know.

    you will be fine bro.

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