Home Playstation Forum Can I just put my old harddrive back into my ps3?

Can I just put my old harddrive back into my ps3?


My PS3 recently got the YLOD and I’ve heard that it could possibly be the harddrive I recently switched with my original. My question is could I just put my old one back into my ps3 without having to do anything? Or is there more to it than that? I wasn’t the one who switched them, my friend did. It worked perfectly fine for a couple of months before I got the YLOD. Id just like to see if it will work before I get a new ps3 or a ps4. Hoping it’s just the harddrive and not something worse.

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  1. It should go back in fine, and I’m not sure if it will work. It’s possible it will and it won’t take long to do so, you may as well try.

  2. ylod is not cased by the hard drive , its your motherboard. yes you can reinstall the old hdd but if you have ylod nothing will happen because they console still won’t power up

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