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Xbox360 or PS3, which would you choose?


Which one’s better? How much do they cost? Why should I pick one over the other? Anything else you might want to add.
Forgot to mention. I’m a Guitar Hero freak. Is there a drum kit and a guitar for GHs for Xbox? I know about PS3.

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  1. PS3.

    the guy who said about halo, gears and Forza. well listen to this. Halo sucks donkey balls. and Gears is alright and pretty good. Forza sucks as well.

    PS3 has Kill Zone 3, Uncharted, Metal Gear solid 4, Little Big Planet 2, Infamous , Crysis 2, Resistance 3. and many to come. all xbox has is as i said Halo, Forza and Gears that cannot be compared with the PS3 games.

    also i like Xbox Live but since you have this many games to play with i go for PSN.

    PS3 has the Blu-Ray where you can play with the Highest Quality of movies and games. the PS3 has a browser. the XMB is easier and to use than the xbox menu where a freaking finger slip pisses you off.

    so go for PS3. PS3 is yet to go on when xbox is working on 720″ because of the many mistakes it has.

    im not saying this as a fan-boy or any of that BS teens kids fight about.

    im saying this as a serious Hardcore Gamer

    EDIT: PS3 Joy-Stick has better distance than the xbox. its 30 min recharge for the batteries using mini usb adn stays on for about 3-4 days with non stop gaming.

    im not going to say this just for about xbox joy-stick, but also im going to say generally its a pain in the * to go and buy batteries. xbox’s joy-stick batteries dies fast and isnt long distant and it depends on the battery life.

    King Fez

  2. PS3!! All the way. It is so much better. Built in hard drive, wifi, and blueray. It is able to play 3d. Also, there is not monthly fee for online play. It costs $50 a year for Xbox, thats 10 less than a brand new game! $300 for the PS3 unit. Playing both systems, the online play is a lot a like. there are not much differences in that regard.

  3. PS3 320GB or PS3 160GB: It cost 350 dollars or 300 dollars. It has a blu-ray player built in. I have gamed on both controllers and I would say the PS3 controller feels and grips a lot better. You don’t have to pay for online access. You can make unlimited accounts for online access for free. It is more family-friendly.

    Xbox 360 250GB: It costs 300 dollars. Does not have a blu-ray player. You have to pay per account for online access, 60 dollars a year. It is more gamer-friendly.

  4. Im for Xbox. Buying an xbox is cheaper. Games are cheaper and have better multiplayer. There online servers dot get hacked and shut off for a long time. Facebook, twitter & netflix run better. Party chat, 8 player chat room.

    Xbox is better than PS3.

  5. Xbox360. You can go to some shops and they have deals on, it really depends on the cost. You should pick an xbox360 over a ps3 because, well, i dont know, but ive got an xbox and there amazing ^.^*

  6. Xbox.

    The newer xbox has built in wifi adapter.

    Xbox also has bigger game titles (Halo, Gears, Forza) and a larger player base with less hackers.

  7. PS3 also has built-in wireless. Plus it’s got a Blu-ray player and it’s 3D ready unlike the XBOX. Though it’s really your choice on what to get. I own both an XBOX 360 (original) and PS3, and prefer the PS3 for the extra features and ease of use (IMO) over XBOX.

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