Why would I want the 80gb ps3 over the 40gb!?

Why would I want the 80gb ps3 over the 40gb!?


An what is a good game since they keep pushing grandtheft auto back

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  1. Well the 40gb ps3 has no backward compatibility with any ps game, has only 2 usb ports and does not have an integrated memory card reader for SD, Mini SD, Pro Duo, Duo, and CF. When the 80gb and 60gb have this. Unfortunately the 80gb does backwards compatibility with ps games through software which is not as efficient as the 60gb which has backwards compatibility through hardware. For more info visit the source included, but it does not compare the 60gb ps3 anymore.

  2. because it has more feautures for only 100 dollars more. lets face it the 40 gb was so the ps3 could get cheaper so they stripped some feautures

  3. you want the 80 gb ps3 over the 40 gb ps3 because of more memory (but that’s not a real reason because the ps3 has upgradable memory so you can upgrade the 40 gb hard drive to a 80 gb or even more!).

    you want it because of the ability of its backwards compatibility. just like the 60 gb the 80 gb has that same ability to play ps1 and ps2 games. oh and by the way about gta. its coming out sometime in april and its official. and plus the 80 gb comes with motorstorm! but if you’re not a racing fan you should get call of duty 4.

  4. The 80GB PS3 just has more hard drive space, the flash card slots and 4 USB ports, but that’s it. I personally would go with the 80GB PS3 because it has plenty of hard drive space and will last you for a long time. You may never use 80GB of space, but it’s just good to have it because you just never know.

    Also, Grand Theft Auto Auto 4 has had an Official release date by Rockstar games and is coming out April 29th and it WILL NOT be delayed again.

    There are plenty of good games already out: Rachet and Clank, Motorstorm, Resistance Fall of Man, Call of Duty 4, Uncharted Drakes Fortune, Heavenly Sword, etc.

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