Home Xbox Forum What console will you be getting and why? xbox one or ps4?

What console will you be getting and why? xbox one or ps4?


Which one & Why?

Don’t say “because ps4/Xbox one sucks”. please give a legit answer.

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  1. Im getting the PS4 because of the games that are on it(if they dont make Uncharted 4 i will cry for days) also it is cheaper and free PS network.

  2. Xbox One

    because PS4 su. nah I’m kidding. Because the games I want are on the Xbox One.

  3. Most of these answers are wrong in a way. Xbox doesn’t require internet anymore and psn isn’t free. But I’m still getting ps4. PS+ has so many things that make it great although so does xbox live gold. But PS+ gives you a free game every month to download once ps4 releases. PS4 also has better specs. Better specs mean better gameplay and graphics. I love the playstation games like killzone that made up my ps2 and ps3 days so I want to enjoy the exclusives still. The price is also better. Lastly I’ve always had a playstaion so the system will just feel better for me especially the controller.

  4. The short answer: I’ll likely end up getting both, I always do.

    Long answer: At first I’ll probably get the PS4, the simple reason is: It’s cheaper, and near enough the same thing, with mostly the same games, People need to get it out of their heads, that ps4 is substantially more powerful than xbox one, it isn’t. It’s a little more powerful, the differences will be small, just as they are now. My girlfriend, also prefers Playstation consoles as well, and we tend to get two when we do change consoles, so we can play together. So the price difference is going to be an even bigger concern for us.

    I’m also pretty annoyed still, with what Microsoft tried to pull on us, with all the restrictions, they’ve gotten too arrogant, and were under the impression they could do as they please, and gamers, and fans will still buy their consoles, thankfully, apart from the odd naive, of die hard fan that swallowed their PR crap, we all seriously raged, enough to change their policies. although, I think a lot of that had to do with low preorders. It benefited no one apart from Microsoft, and game publishers. So right now, I’m a bit anti Microsoft, for trying to screw us gamers,

    But in time, I’ll forget all that, or stop caring, Xbox One will get a price drop, and some great must have exclusives, and I’ll end up buying one. It has some great looking games, and in my opinion had some of the better games at E3, “Spark” looked really interesting, and is an experience, I’ll end up not wanting to miss out on, as well as some of the xbo’s other exclusives.

    Right now though? I’m getting neither, I’m still happy with the ps3, and XB360, they’ll both be supported for a while, and theirs quite a few games I’m still yet to play. I’m not in to early adoption with consoles. For the obvious reasons, just look at this current gen when it all first came out, and all the problems on both sides, Maybe I’ll change my mind on getting ps4 first, by the time I get around to it, after all, since Microsofts change of heart, and Sony changing their policy on needing a subscription, to play online the differences are going to simply come down to exclusives, and what we get for our monthly subscription. Right now though, I’n just going to see what happens, and will probably get one some time next year, perhaps early 2015.

  5. ps4. xbone is just bad news. xbone requires internet to compete with Sony. because MS ram is slower, they claim using the internet will speed it up. i know having fast internet does not speed up the pc. it just speed up the internet. this is a smoke screen to boost there sale. they are hoping you will buy there POS machine and hope you what to keep it. i wouldn’t be surprise if the xbone user try to return it. within a month. it’s a devise for media, not 100% gaming

  6. Hi I’ve played games for 20 years I’ve done business with everybody sega,sony,ninty and microsoft. For me I’m dumping microsoft for sony. Why well firstly the cost the ps4 is around 80 to 100 pound cheaper. Secondly the ps4 is more powerful. Thirdly the recent stuff microsoft has recently back tracked over has left a bad taste in the mouth. Fourthly microsoft is too close to the US government for my taste. Finally I’m not paying extra for a bunch of crap I’m never going to use. Then locks me out my games whenever it bloody well likes. I’m not paying microsoft to treat me an honest hard working gamer who spends money on games to treat me like a criminal. They’ve tried to be arrogant and sanctimonious towards their customers look where its got them and serves them right. I hope xbox 1 crashes and burns. I’m going back to sony

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