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Video Card Shopping Tips as Fast As Possible


Video Card Shopping Tips as Fast As Possible

Nvidia 1050Ti Notebook GPU Faster Than 970M - Specs & Benchmarks


  1. I just want to play subnautica on my hp 15 and the only problem is the gpu all I want to know is where to buy a cheap one and how to install it

  2. this helped me a lot, now I can get a good graphics card knowing that's it's going to perform well

    I'm getting the gt 610

  3. can anyone help me? can i run a zotac 1050ti on a 180w psu without my system being destroyed

  4. My brother literally said to me he wanted more RAM on his computer when he has only a hard drive and a 7 year old i5 cpu in his sytem.

  5. i have one doubt i am using 32 bit os but graphics they mentioned 64 bit and 128 bit graphics those graphics card are working 32 bit os or not

  6. if i have a 1080p monitor why not watch a 4k benchmark? i'll should preform straight better no?

  7. I have a gigabyte h61m-s1 motherboard. .will zotac gtx 1050ti support gigabyte h61m-s1 motherboard? ..

  8. which one is better 1050 ti fr laptop or for desktop bc for laptop has more cuda cores and i think bigger frequency

  9. Can I get a flagship HBM2 (AMD) Notebook Card in 2017 & duo card my notebook with a 970M (Nivdia) card in SLI

    ~I only ask, because I really want HBM2 & I also want Shadowplay for recording~

    Plz if anyone knows the answer to this please respond ~I can't seem to find any examples of a cross bran GPU Notebook any where on the market; *But I have seen cross brand GPU Desktops.

    My Goal

    AMD – HBM2 (2017) ~Card for performance & power consumption~
    Nivida – 970M ~Card for Shadowplay & Slight performance boost

    Is it possible?

    Would Sagger or another company be willing to costume make this product if requested?

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