Top 20 PlayStation Games (20-11)

Top 20 PlayStation Games (20-11)


So much good stuff on this legendary console that we couldn’t just just a Top 10! What are your favorites??

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Top 20 PlayStation Games (20-11)

Top 20 PlayStation Games (10-1)


  1. It's actually super satisfying when you actually are already subscribed to the product that is sponsering them 😀

  2. Hey a silly story I was in my basement and I found a ps1 I was like omg because I have an Xbox one and the ps1 was my dads but he stoped using it so now I have an Xbox one and ps1 but no games for ps1 but I have a lot of games to Xbox one

  3. Holyfuck 2 minutes into the video and nostalgia trip. Rayman the great escape was amazingly fun

  4. As a long time nintendo fan and computer gamer…
    Ps1 was one of the best times of my life.

  5. 1Resident Evil 3
    2Resident Evil 2
    3Resident Evil 1
    4Chrono Cross
    5Metal Gear Solid 1
    6Final Fantasy 7
    7Final Fantasy 8
    8Chrono Trigger
    9Metal Slug Super Vehicle 001
    10MegaMan X4

  6. 1) Metal Gear Solid 1
    2) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    3) Crash Bandicoot: Warped
    4) Final Fantasy VII
    5) Tekken 3
    6) Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

  7. Damn Right PS1 was one of the best I should know I use to have one until my cousin broke it

  8. i don't think there was a game that changed my perspective on the world as a kid quite like Metal Gear Solid

  9. i wish i could like a Final fantasy game. I'm just not patient enough to grind and grind until i'm leveled up enough.

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