Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games | E3 2016

Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games | E3 2016


E3 2016’s most anticipated Microsoft’s XB1 video games coming soon to the Xbox marketplace.

PRE-ORDER NOW by clicking the links below:
PRE-ORDER: Gears of War (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Battlefield 1 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Forza Horizon 3 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Watch Dogs 2 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: For Honor (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Scalebound (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Injustice 2 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Mass Effect Andromeda (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Titanfall 2 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Ghost Recon: Wildlands (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Sea of Thieves (.99)
PRE-ORDER: Halo Wars 2 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: State of Decay 2 (.99)
PRE-ORDER: South Park: The Fractured But Whole (.96)
PRE-ORDER: Dishonored 2 (.96)
PRE-ORDER: Mafia III (.96)
PRE-ORDER: Steep (.99)
PRE-ORDER: ReCore (.99)

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Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games | E3 2016

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  1. for number one "drum roll" A GEARS OF WAR DLC, were literally nothing has changed in the franchise

    were all fucked in the end no matter what coned out of our money for the same game with a few amazing games that won't last because their to innovative or expensive.

  2. I'm watching the countdown, the number 2 is Battlefield 1… Please God, that COD dosen't the number 1. Please


  4. she is just giving a next series of an old games
    ps4 is giving a new things like the horizon dawn zero

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