Home Videos Top 10: Reasons the Xbox 360 still kicks ass.

Top 10: Reasons the Xbox 360 still kicks ass.


Top 10: Reasons the Xbox 360 still kicks ass.

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  1. I think you are a kind of person who waits for the console generation to end and then enjoy the games that are actually enjoyable, not overhyped, and all of that for an affordable price aswell. I am like that myself, and with xbox 360 disappearing from store shelves believe that now is the time to truly enjoy this console and its potential.

  2. One reason why I love the Xbox 360: Saints Row 2.

    It is the best game I have ever played on the console, along with the original Saints Row from 2006.

  3. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 both have awesome games that are still worth playing today. It's worth collecting now while the games are still cheap.

  4. Bought a 250gb slim 360 last month after going years without one. Paid 80 US dollars shipped for it with 2 controllers. So glad I got it. The library of games is superb and cheap. Sold my white one years ago fearing it would RROD and have missed it since then.

  5. It really bothers me how people praise and hail the 360 controller as being unique and the best ever made and was completely original, when the Gamecube controller had the same layout and better triggers years before the Xbox 360

  6. the thing that stinks is that one of my wireless controllers doesn't work anymore 🙁 that means Devan cannot play with me! she loves Xbox and she has poor WiFi sadly. so no Xbox live multiplayer

  7. the 360 controller is awful, it's quite possibly the worst Dpad in the history of modern controllers and the analog sticks were very prone to drifting, if the game wasn't coded to have a deadzone you would just perpetually be moving to one side.

  8. is they gave me enough money
    i would buy 8 things
    1.xbox one/gta5/fifa17/pes17/forza/cod/xboxlive
    2.decent pc that can run gta 5 for youtube shit

  9. is there any frnd who can help me..i have very low budget.i cant afford a gaming pc..should i buy xbox 360 or ps3??

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