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Top 10 Best Xbox One Games


Top 10 Best Xbox One Games


  1. how come Starwars Battlefront didnt make the list but Doom did??? There is so much more potential to SWBF

  2. metacritic review scores: ENJOY!

    gears of war 4: 84 BAD
    quantum broke: 77 SUCKS
    halo 5: 84 BAD
    forza horizon 3: 91 GOOD
    dead rising 3: 78 SUCKS
    dead rising 4: 72 SUCKS
    sunset overdrive: 81 BAD
    ryse son of rome: 60 WHAT A JOKE
    killer instinct: 86 BAD
    halo 2 wars: 79 SUCKS

    horizon zero dawn: 89 GOOD
    uncharted 4: 93 EXCELLENT
    bloodborne: 92 EXCELLENT
    nioh: 88: GOOD
    persona 5: 93 EXCELLENT

    10 xbox one exclusives and only 1 got a good score.
    5 PS4 exclusives and 2 got good scores while 3 got excellent scores.

    I'm not trying to spread hate. I'm trying to educate you xbox fanboys that "think" your console is "superior" to the ps4 which in fact is not true at all. Here's the proof. Don't believe me? Watch gamespot reviews on youtube. they are fair and honest and unbiased unlike IGN. Thank you.

  3. Yep gta5 isn't a good game inparently even know it has over 500,000 people playing every day

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