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The Pros and Cons of the Nintendo Wii


Have I written that title correctly? The Pros And Cons Of The Nintendo Wii? Am I insane? Whoever thought of such a subject to write about?

Ok, well lets be frank, has anyone checked out the Nintendo Wii for possible flaws or imperfections? Or do we all accept its total perfection and flawlessness?

Alright, I admit that I’m being just a tad flippant there, but hey, come on, lets check it out for ourselves just to see how well the ol’ Wii stands up to a hint of amateur inspection.

Well, firstly we can, I think pretty safely say that the Wii is cheaper than its counterparts such as the ps3 and the Xbox 360, it has a nice, sleek design, a controller which is motion sensitive and of course it has virtual control! Thats a good start isn’t it? I mean, those are all quite positive factors aren’t they.

In addition, let’s not forget the amazing physical benefit of playing tennis, for example, on the Wii and actually swinging your racket as if you were doing the real thing – thats pure exercise is it not???

We must not forget one thing – when you buy the Nintendo Wii – you are getting the console itself plus the 5 games, so you can start the fun literally as soon as you press the ON button, so to speak.

Any cons though? Actually – yes. Some people don’t realise until after purchase that you can only use the Wii via Wi-Fi – ie, you cannot use a normal cable, or ethernet cable (at least not at the time of writing).

Some would argue in addition that the graphic quality is not up to scratch to that of other consoles. In fact, if you read various write-ups on the Wii, this is the one that comes up every time – lower graphic quality than other top-of-the-range consoles.

Possibly a minor point for most, but just to mention it – the internal storage of the Wii is significantly low with a 512 flash memory which is nowhere near the huge storage capacity of the ps3 or the xbox 360.

However, if the cons are not a problem to you, (and to be frank they are not major flaws in honesty), the Nintendo Wii comes up trumps in my opinion.

Actually, we don’t have to rely on my opinion – just look at how well the Wii is doing. At the time of writing, the Nintendo Wii is the top console seller on and off line and if that be the case then the pros of the Wii certainly outweigh its cons by a Wii bit more than we might have originally thought.

John Milligan.


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Submitted On June 04, 2008Console SystemsLets take a closer look at the Nintendo Wii shall we. Is it really all that good? Is it sweet perfection? Or are there a few little incey wincey faults hidden there somewhere?console, wii, nintendo, system, playstation, xbox, consoles

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