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the new 1TB Xbox one?


so apparently amazon has messed up big time and ‘accidently’ revealed an new xbox one with a 1TB. As i was planning on buying the original xbox very soon, is it worth me waiting a couple of weeks for 1TB? is it worth the increase in price? and wtf is a 1TB? what does this do?


  1. “wtf is a 1TB”

    It doesn’t really get more basic than this. Perhaps you should consult a trusted friend before buying any electronics.

  2. There’s no harm in waiting! I bought the Xbox One for £279.99 and for £59.99 I added a 2TB external hard drive and that cost me £339.99 which I have a feeling will be a little cheaper than what a 1TB Xbox One will retail at (if there is such a console offering in the works).

  3. If you don’t know what 1TB is, there’s no point in waiting because it won’t matter to you.

  4. No big deal you can buy a 1 T console for $399 or get a 500 G for $349 and spend $55 on an external 1 T USB 3.0 HDD and have 50% more storage for the same price. You can get a 2 T HDD for $85.

  5. definitely wait for the 1tb its has way more hard drive space over the first XB1 but I would get the PS4 over the XB1

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