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  1. I want this game so much but I'm skint for cash (I'm just a 12 year old)! Anyone know how I can make so money in the middle of summer?

  2. scrolls through 32 levels " a very significant lack of them". How many levels do most CoD games have? 9? 10?

  3. They should have gave it at least an 8.5 for having some of the most innovative mechanics seen in the last 10 years of the medium. But what she said is true about how the late game never puts a spin on the mechanics once they get established or dropped you into situations that required you to use the mechanics in a different way. Also they meta narrative isn't great and a bit cheesy but over all its really great stuff and I don't know why it would score so low. Honestly I lost respect for ign after I watched their offensively bad review of Alien: Isolation.

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