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Should I sell my ps3 for ps4?


I want the ps4 it looks awesome but I have a ps3 I have a lot of games ca of duty 4, world at war , modernwarfare 2 , black ops , modernwarfare 3 , black ops 2 battlefield 3 lbp 1 lbp 2 lbp karting R&C a crack in time And many more how much mines you think I’ll get I have a 320 gb ps3 slim I really want the ps4 for ghost battlefield 4 and nba2k14 and more so ya is it worth it

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  1. sounds like its worth it to me since those games are kinda old now, u probably hardly play them, and the next gen is new. dont forget gaikai will allow u to stream some of the PS 1,2 and 3 games that were previously great hits. so expect to see lbp, R&C, and other great exclusives to make a comeback. so if u dont plan on purchasing any more ps3 games just swap to ps4

  2. PS4 is not backward compatible. You might already know that. And, still new games for PS3 are going to be made. So I wouldn’t sell my Ps3 for ps4.

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