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Question about the Ps3?


I would like to know if you buy a game from the store, can you just put it in and play it, or do you have to download it. And also, if you have wifi, can you go to an online store and download games from there (like the App store) if so will that take up gigs? My main question is if you buy a game from a store, does it take up gigs?

p.s this is my first time buying a major gaming counsel, the only ones I have are the ipod touch and a nintendo DS

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  1. Some games require you install some files on the hard drive before you play. This is very rare as the blu-ray disc can fit most games on them. You can download games from the PSN store but not every game is available through this service (mostly sony games). Installing the game on your hard drive takes up space, If you become a playstation plus member your games and saves are stored on a cloud and not your hard drive, this saves space but it takes a lot for your hard drive to fill up.

  2. not all games take up memory other than the save and any updates but most do install at least a portion to speed load times , game installs can be as low as a few mb and as much as 4 gigabytes from the game disc and updates can be any size up to several gigabytes , that is why the ps3 has a 160 gig hdd for the smallest one sold nowadays.

    you can buy downloadable games , they vary in size also and use memory since there is no disc to store most of the game , down;loaded games vary from 35mb to as much as 18 gigs for the recent release of uncharted 2 , the disc version uses about 3 gigs for the install and updates , the digital download version takes the full 18 gigs on the hdd.

    with a 160 gigabyte ps3 slim you have lots of space for games , even with updates , apps such as playstation home and netflix , any music , movies and photos you decide to put on the ps3 you have plenty of memory available for games , and you can always install a bigger hard drive if you need to later on ( for under $80 and in 5 mun. you can upgrade to 500 gigs )

    I have downloaded almost 200 full games on my ps3 , have a few thousand photos and songs and used 224 gigs only from a 500 gig hdd , don’t worry about not having enough memory right away , as it took 5 years ( got my ps3 in 2006 ) for mine to get this full

  3. First of all, When you put a game in you will have to install an update for that game which doesn’t take too long based on your connection

    And yes you can go on the PS Store and download games direct to your ps3 which we stack on your account so if you get another device then you can install it there – But the answer is yes, It does take up space because ps3 doesnt currently have streaming hardware (as with the xbox)

    P.s. Just message me if you have any other questions, Im a bit of a ps3 nerd if i must say so myself 😛

  4. when you buy a game from the store you will usually have to install the game as well as some kind of update. usually it doesnt take too long to download. and theres something called “the playstation store” here you can download full games, demos, backgrounds, add on content (such as maps for call of duty), movies and more. and yes, these things do take up a certain amount of memory. and i think that by choosing the ps3 as your first console you are making a great choice. it has a lot of great games that are exclusive to that system. 🙂 hope this was helpful and enjoy becoming a console gamer!

  5. When you buy a game, or download a demo or something from the PS Store, it needs to download. And it does take up space on the HDD (hard drive)

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