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question about ps3 connection to an hdtv?


I have an HDTV from sony. What is the BEST way to connect the PS3 to an HDTV? The HDMI cables?

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  1. Yes, the HDMI cables are the easiest and best way to get HD. You can get full 1080p and Dolby digital 5.1 sound from one cable.

  2. yes sir if you want that full hdtv quality that the ps3 offers your going to have to go with the hdmi connections trust me dude it look alot better sound more clear with hdmi connection remember when you do hook it up using your hdmi connection that you go to your connection setting and change it to hdmi!:D

  3. The best way to use your ps3 on your HDTV is via the HDMI cable. You will get full High Definition and excellent sound.

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