PS3 needs Internet connection to start?

I just got my PS3 (I haven’t opened it yet) and on the back of the box, it says, “In order to enjoy continuous playback, copy protected BDs and AACS encryption key may need to be renewed. To renew the key you must update the system software.”

Where do I find the encryption key? Is it in or on the box?

Do I need to renew the key online? If not, how?

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2 thoughts on “PS3 needs Internet connection to start?”

  1. They’re basically saying update your PS3 to have it perform at its best. Go to settings category in the XMB. Go to system update on the top and choose either from internet or storage media, depending on where you are getting the data from.

    You will need an online connection to update your PS3. If you don’t have internet service, you can search for other local wireless networks.

    Go to the internet connection settings in the Network settings. Choose custom, then choose wireless, then choose scan. If any network appears with “None” for security and the signal is at least 60%, then use that to update your PS3.

    You can also download update data to a PC and put it on a USB memory stick or burn it to a CD. Create a folder called PS3 and in the PS3 folder create another folder called UPDATE. Save the update data in the UPDATE folder.

    PS3 is like a highly advanced computer so it will need to update periodically to perform its best, like Windows on a PC. Its gonna expect its owners to have internet access if they can afford a $400-$500 PS3 system.

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